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 It is important for the horse to feel at ease about travelling in a horsebox. The first time you take a horse out in a horsebox, you should drive very carefully and the trip should be very short. Never drive fast round bends. On good straight roads, speed is of less significance. When transporting a single horse in a two-horse trailer, the horse should always stand on the left side.


 Good ventilation in the trailer is important and can be regulated by opening or closing the flap over the rear ramp. The trailer can be fitted with ventilation windows (standard on models Favorit, Royal and Imperial). These have many adjustment options.

Never drive with all ventilation completely closed. As a minimum the rear edge of the ventilation window should be opened one notch.


See previous sections on brakes and trailers with wooden sides. If you wish to keep your trailer looking good for many years, regular washing and cleaning will be necessary – especially in view of the acidic content of horse dung.

The roof of the trailer will benefit from waxing with ordinary boat wax. The partition can be taken out by rotating it and lifting it out of the floor fitting at the front of the trailer.

It is extremely important to remove the rubber mat from the trailer at frequent intervals (min. twice a year) for thorough cleaning and drying out.