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Remorci deschise

Remorci deschise


remorci deschise

 The trailer’s registration certificate and ratings plate state the maximum working load. We strongly advise against overloading, as driving safety will be severely affected.

 Overloading can also cause damage to tyres, axles and the chassis frame, and voids the warranty, besides being illegal.

 An example of overloading:

 A trailer of type 2205 has a working load of 325 kg.

 The transport body dimensions are 2.05 x 1.30 x 0.40 m, giving a volume of approx. 1.0 m3.

 If this trailer is filled with sand the load will weigh approx. 1,700 kg.


 We are sure that your Brenderup Dealer has done his utmost to advise you on your choice of model.

 So here we will merely point out Brenderup’s wide range of accessories, including jockey wheel, support legs, flat and high tarpaulins, side extensions, lockable lid and plastic or fibreglass lid.

All original accessories are naturally of the same high quality as your Brenderup trailer.

Ask your Brenderup dealer to demonstrate our accessories.