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Remorci inchise


remorci inchise


 To obtain the best driving performance make sure the cargo is distributed evenly over the space. It is easy to end up stacking goods against the front bulkhead, resulting in excessive pressure on the tow-ball. The cargo should also be secured inside the trailer so as not to move about.

 In the case of point loads, the load must be spread using an intermediate floor. It may prove convenient to fit permanent reinforcement on the trailer floor.

 Ramp carrying capacity is max. 200 kg.


 When transporting high objects in the trailer, it is recommended that you fix extra lashing rails to prevent the item from toppling over.

 If you need to load or unload without the trailer being attached to a car, you should fit support legs and a jockey wheel. This particularly applies to single-axle box van trailers.

In case of frequent motorway driving, the fitting of a spoiler is recommended, as this reduces wind resistance and gives better and more economic driving.