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General Maintenance

Maintenance and adjustment of brakes

Brakes require regular maintenance and adjustment. We recommend that repair and adjustment of brakes are carried out only by professionals.

Adjustment or control is done this way:

Expose the safety nut by removing the hub cap. Then remove the safety nut, followed by the brake drum, so as to gain access to the brake shoes, springs, adjustment bolts etc.

When adjustment and maintenance are complete it is extremely important NOT to re-use the outer nut, but to replace it with a new original nut and to tighten it with a torque wrench.

Recommended torque of the hub nut is 280-300Nm (28-30 kgm).


Adjustment is done through a hole in the rear of the backplate. Even out wear on the brake linings by adjusting the brake shoes. Lift the trailer to leave the wheels free. Release the handbrake and tighten the adjustment nut to bring the brake shoe into full contact with the brake drum. Then slacken the adjustment nut by 7-9 notches until the brake drum turns freely. Finally adjust the ball nut on the brake rod to give approx. 45 mm clearance from the bite point.

10.000 km or every 12'th month

We recommend that the inspection and adjustment of the brakesystem is done every 10,000 km or once every year, depending on which event occurs first.



Most current trailers are fitted with maintenance-free bearings, which have been lubricated with the correct quantity of grease at the factory. For most trailers it is therefore no longer necessary to check the quantity of grease in the bearings, however, there may be exceptions depending on which type of axle the trailer is fitted with. We recommend you to ask your dealer for advise.

If the bearing is damaged, the whole brakedrum must be replaced, as the bearing is an integral part of the brake drum.


Inspection of wheel angles and tracking should only be done in the event of abnormal tyre wear. Only certain axle types are designed to be adjusted.

Ask your authorised Brenderup dealer for advice.

Maintenance of sides...

Plywood sides:

Brenderup trailers with plywood sides use first-class waterproof ply-wood,
which has been treated with phenol and is therefore almost
maintenancefree. However, after a time the plywood may become
rather dull. The best way to brighten it up is to coat the wood with
acid-free oil or a 1:1 mixture of raw linseed oil and turpentine.
Coat the wood generously with oil and after about 15 minutes
wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth.

Series 2000 and horseboxes are fitted with a new type of plywood coated with a ppl film which is water and dirt resistant. This type of plywood is not normally water-absorbent and requires no particular maintenance.

Aluminium sides:

Aluminium sides require hardly any maintenance. Avoid cleaning them with strong alkaline cleaning products, as these react chemically with the aluminium. The attractive finish is best preserved by the use of car wax.

Galvanised sides:

As previously mentioned, galvanised parts must ‘oxidise’ before the galvanisation can form an effective barrier to corrosion. The galvanisation is not fully effective until the metal has turned matt.

See also the section on the warranty & claims page