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Warranty and claims

Warranty and Claims

If your new trailer breakes down.....

Brenderup Trailers usually provides a two-year warranty on their new trailers. For certain components and trailer models an extended warranty is also available, subject to the trailer being serviced in accordance with factory requirements by an authorised Brenderup dealer.

In the event of a warranty claim, confirmation of the prescribed servicing work must be produced. The confirmation must be entered on the rear of the trailer record card.

All claims should be reported to an authorized Brenderup dealer.

The warranty covers: Replacement or - at the Factory’s discretion - repair of constructional or material defects, providing that the fault arose during normal use of the trailer in accordance with the instructions. Repairs carried out during the warranty period will not extend the period.

The warranty does not cover: Expenses on regular servicing and maintenance arising from normal wear and tear or the fact that the trailer has not been in use for long periods of time. Defects that occur as a result of use of the trailer which is not in accordance with the instructions. Defects that occur as the result of the use of non-original spare parts or repairs carried out by anyone who is not an authorised Brenderup dealer. Expenses incurred in hiring a replacement trailer.

Other things you should know about....


Newly-galvanised parts will initially be very smooth and silvery. After a short period, the parts will become matt and have a rougher surface. This is completely normal and is due to oxidation of the galvanised parts. This process ensures that the galvanisation can provide optimum protection against corrosion. This ‘cosmetic’ change will not be accepted as a valid reason for a warranty claim.

Also note that galvanised parts cannot withstand acid and certain chemicals. Consequently, always rinse carefully with clean water following transport on salted roads or after transport of fertiliser or other acidic materials.

Plywood is an organic material. Please note that the floor may warp under certain circumstances. Excess humidity may cause the floor to bow upwards, but when the wood dries out it will correct itself again. Consider mounting the trailer with a flat tarpaulin, as this will keep the trailer body dry at all times.


Extended warranty for boat trailers

Brenderup offers a 5-year warranty on the bearings,
overrun brakes and axles on all boat trailers and boat
trolleys with Knott axles- Models:

8116 - 8118 - 8120 - 8220 - 8122 - 8222 - 8224 - 8226
and boat trolleys/slip trailers  8016 - 8018 - 8022 - 8026


The conditions for what is and what is not covered by the
warranty are as described above.

The condition for continued validity of the warranty is that
the trailer must be serviced annually or every 10,000 km,
with the above-mentioned components being checked by
a Brenderup dealer.

Remember to get the trailer’s record card stamped after each service. The record card is your proof that the service intervals have been adhered to.

Extended warranty for floor and sidepanels on Brenderup

Brenderup offer a 5 year warranty on floors and sidepanels
on horsetrailers. Conditions as prescribed below:


It is of cause a requirement that the surface of any panel or
floor is kept unbroken and sealed. If optional acessories is
fitted f. inst. sparewheelholder or likewise requiring holes to
be drilled in the panels, this must be carried out by an
authorized Brenderup dealer, and holes must be sealed
properly prior to the fitting of the accessory.

Horsetrailers must be cleaned regularly just like any other vehicle. How often, depends entirely on how much the

trailers is used. Manure may not be left in the trailer for a longer period, but should be removed instantly after use of the trailer. Likewise, water should be drained/removed from the floor instantly. 

Minimum twice a year, the rubber mat should elevated or removed from the floor, enabling the floor to dry out.  

After cleaning & washing the trailer must be allowed to dry out properly before the rubber mat is replaced on the floor. This will prevent condensation under the mat, and in the trailer in general.

To keep the validity of this extended warranty, once a year, the condition of the floor and panels must be inspected by a Brenderup dealer, and the trailer record card duly stamped.