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Programare inspectii

Inspection Programme

Maintenace is not only for cars...

To ensure your trailers is always fully functional and ready for use, you should arrange for it to be serviced by an authorized Brenderup dealer in accordance with the factory's recommendations.

Even though a trailer sometimes is seldom used, severe damages and faults may occour if a frequent mainenance is not carried out, just think about corroded wiring connections, rust, hanging brakes etc.

A lot of minor inspecition and maintenance jobs can be carried out by yourselves, however, when it comes to maintenance and repair of f. inst. braking system, wheelbearings or similar complexe jobs, we strongly recommend that these are carried out by authorized Brenderup dealers and workshops.

The Inspection programme for Brenderup trailers is divided into 2 groups:

  • Unbraked Trailers
  • Braked Trailers

Additionally there may be other procedures for specific trailertypes and models such as Tippers, Plant trailers etc.

In the schemes below you can see how often inspections should be carried out and what jobs there is to do.

Remember that you always can ask our Dealers for assistance and advise.   

Unbraked Trailers


Braked Trailers