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3-way Tippers

remorci basculabile


 The trailer’s chassis plate shows the gross trailer weight. The payload is the gross trailer weight less the weight of the trailer. We strongly advise against overloading !

 For example, the dimensions of the trailer bed are 3.08x179x0.4 m=2.20 m3. If the trailer is filled with sand, the load will be approx. 3750 kg, corresponding to a total load of approx. 4,500 kg.


The tube between the chassis and the trailer body must be installed when servicing the battery etc.

Check that the two locking pins between the chassis and the trailer body are installed before tipping.

Hydraulic pump - Oil change

Normally, it is not necessary to change the hydraulic oil. Check once a year to see whether the oil is clean. If the oil is not clean, then change the oil. It is possible that the oil may become thicker during the winter due to the colder temperatures. If this is the case – then replace the oil with a thinner oil, or thin the existing oil. The replacement or thinned oil need not be replaced again for the summer half of the year.